Band Lab 2014

In addition to your class, you will have the opportunity to join together with students of other instruments and form a band in our in our Band Lab program. Each Band Lab will be guided by one or more of our great instructors. They will help you master the skills you need to be a better and more desirable bluegrass band member, and have fun doing it.

You’ll learn how to choose the best material, keys and arrangements for your voice or instrument, and for your group members. And your band lab instructor will guide your practice so you can develop your band’s best sound, both vocally and instrumentally. If you’re new to bluegrass or just shy, your instructor will help you learn new songs and tunes and get comfortable singing and playing in a group. If you’re an experienced musician, your instructor will help you refine your style and polish your skills. You’ll learn tips for arranging and for working up a tight ensemble sound.

Bands will be able to perform for each other and an audience in a fun concert when the festival concerts start on Thursday afternoon.