How to get there

Last year, Risør Bluegrassfestival moved to a new location at Gjerstad.

From Oslo: Follow E18 past Kragero to the Gjerstad exit, road 418. This exit is just before Brokelandsheia with hotel, gas station and shops. Follow Rv418 past the Gjerstad railway station (approx. 7 km) and through a small tunnel (+ approx. 1.5km). Just after the tunnel you can:
A. for the workshop, continue 200m up the hill and take a rigfht exit to the church. Pass the church on the left hand side and continue another 200m to the Gjerstad elementary school.
B. for the festival, take the right exit just after the tunnel, under the railroad and approx. 400m to a soccer field og the right hand side. If you are just visiting the festival you must park here, there is no parking further on. The festival is about 400m further.
For camping you drive to the entrance just across a bridge and they will advice you about camping areas.

From Kristiansand: Follow E18 past the two tunnels at the Risor exit for another 12 km to Brokelandsheia, the Gjerstad exit (road 418) is approx. 2km past Brokelandsheia. Follow the road past the Gjerstad railway station as described above.

By air: Suitable airports are Gardermoen (Oslo, 4 hours), Sandefjord (Torp, 1.5 hours, on the road to Oslo), Kristiansand (Kjevik, 1.5 hours) and Moss (Rygge, 2 hours + ferry). There are train connections Oslo – Kristiansand with the Gjerstad station conveniently close to the festival  (2.5-3km). The train service is not frequent, but the busses on the same stretch (the E18, about 10km from the festival) is running quite frequently.

By ferry: Hirtshals (DK) – Kristiansand is quite efficient, the driving from the ferry to the festival is about 1.5 hours. Hirtshals – Larvik is about the same, but the ferry trip is a little longer. Oslo and Langesund are other alternatives.