Most bands and visitors camp in the near-by fields, close to the festival, in tents or campers. Order the camping together with med workshop/tickets

Other possibilities:
Cinderella Café & Hotel, Brokelandsheia, 2km (phone +47 3715 7000) www. cinderella-cafe.no
Risor Pensjonat, ca 35km in Risor (phone  +47 4525 1061) http://www.risorpensjonat.no
Risor Gjestehus, ca. 30km, towards Risor (phone  +47 3715 5002)
Risor Hotel, ca 35 km, in Risor (phone +47 3714 8000)
Roed Camping, ca 25km, towards Risor (phone +47 3715 5006)
Moen Camping, ca 27km, towards Risor (phone +47 3715 5006)
Victoria Hotell, in Kragero (phone +47 3598 7318)
Holmen Gaard, a kind of handicraft center With lodging, is closer to the festival but is not operational at the moment